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It all started with a family yearning for better coffee options in our growing city. We wanted to give our community an out of this world cup of coffee, which is the reason we teamed up with our favorite roaster Cafe Virtuoso from San Diego. They take pride in sourcing socially responsible, environmentally conscious and top quality 100% organic coffee beans.



Locals striving to bring the Inland Empire a space where the community can gather around what we like to call "Cafecito Time" consisting of great coffee, rich pastries, and amazing food with even more amazing people. Sourcing from local farmers to use whole Grains,  Naturally Leavened no commercial yeast and in house milked Almonds and Oats.



Now more important than ever we all must strive to do our part in preserving our beautiful yet fragile Earth.  EastBrew does its part by sourcing our product from farmers, cultivators and harvesters who hold the same values as we do. If you'd like to know more about our coffee roaster and their process of bean selection visit cafevirtuoso.com. We aim in providing quality over quantity and by doing that we work closely with local farmers who guide us in the right path with choosing the best seasonal produce. 

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12303 Limonite Ave., Suite 710

Eastvale, CA 91752

Hours of operation:

Tuesday- Sunday:

9 am - 5 pm

Brunch served Saturday/Sunday: